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Mar 27, 2017

Most humans like to push away difficult feelings, especially when those feelings lead you into emotions that derail your progress towards your goals. Dr. Joan Rosenberg shares how to recognize uncomfortable thoughts and what to do so that they become catalysts for mindset breakthroughs.


Key Takeaways

2:45 Why “feel the fear and do it anyway” or backing away from a challenging thought may not be the best advice when dealing with unpleasant feelings.

3:34 Dr. Joan explains why when someone feels an unpleasant feeling and stays present, this is when the gifts are revealed through insights, anxiety is reduced and confidence is developed.

4:51 I share my own experience around anxiety and how it’s affected my path to great success. Dr. Joan and I talk about how anxiety is a bit of an epidemic, and a huge issue for entrepreneurs.

6:28 Dr. Joan explains the difference between a thought and a feeling, and how it’s important to know the difference when receiving the insights available. She also helps us understand the value of vulnerability.

8:23 Dr. Joan discusses the eight feelings that we should all learn to recognize and uncover the gift inside each of those uncomfortable feelings. Joan also explains why fear is not one of those feelings – and why fear is actually an important feeling to embrace.

13:15 Dr. Joan explains that most people avoid feeling vulnerable, yet it’s essential if you are becoming a leader, you must choose vulnerability – because it becomes our greatest strength as a human being.

16:20 I ask Dr. Joan about the difference between shame and embarrassment, especially for entrepreneurs when taking big risks, making mistakes, or experience a failure. Dr Joan shares a quote by Marianne Williamson, “It’s important to never let the experience own you.”

21:49 Dr. Joan explains what we should do with the awareness we are in an unpleasant feeling, especially when it’s time to incorporate the learnings in order to grow.

23:15 I love what Dr. Joan said that getting “thought hijacked” as a way to avoid feeling unpleasant feelings. She shares set of self-inquiry questions to move out of harsh self-criticism so you can build confidence again.

Quote from Dr. Joan: “Harsh self-criticism is one of the most insidious, elegant ways we hurt ourselves.”

26:24 Big a-ha moment when Dr. Joan shares how human beings default to how we might get hurt instead of how things might work out.

28:01 Melanie asks Dr. Joan to explain why emotional strength is so vital to someone who wants to make a big impact or has a bold vision.


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Mar 20, 2017

As business owners and entrepreneurs, discover how to make better decisions that stick – and don’t derail you from your goals – by using your Internal GPS.


Key Takeaways

1:04 The quality of our mindset is dictating the quality of our decisions. When you make decisions from fear or from needing to be safe, you make decisions that keep your business small.

2:04 Why do some people get results and others avoid taking the actions that would lead to success? I believe it’s their internal motivator – which is their mindset.

3:58 External validation is when you need other people’s approval in order to feel good about yourself. When you need it, it can compromise your Internal GPS. I share how my own decision breakdown taught me to strengthen my Internal GPS.

7:53 Part one of the Internal GPS is getting the right facts and data place in order to ground your decisions with alignment.

9:10 I’ll cover the three most important questions to ask yourself to ensure you don’t later resent your decision or get distracted and forget your goals.

12:59 If your opportunity is complex or is a significant financial investment, be sure to use the two clarifying questions to make sure that it’s an idea that you can truly pursue.

16:00 There’s one important piece of clarity you need to make a significant shift in your focus and motivation – and I share a story about a former client who went from $200 k to over 7 figures by dialing in this one important decision making criteria.

18:01 Now to use the more intuitive part of decision making, you’ll want to learn how to use expansion vs contraction in your internal guidance. I give a couple of example of my clients and how they are using it.

22:57 The best way to learn how to use your Internal GPS is to practice it – over and over again – so you build up your quick decision making muscle. Hire a coach to help you or join the Awaken Leadership retreat.


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Mar 13, 2017

Ambitious entrepreneurs often have lots of great opportunities and no shortage of new offerings swirling around in their minds. In today’s On Air Coaching Session, Operation Happiness author Kristi Ling joins me to help her find the most profitable growth option amongst many competing priorities so she can grow her impact with more grace and ease.

Kristi Ling is the author of Operation Happiness, as well as a business and life coach who helps people create more happiness in their life.


Key Takeaways

2:02 Kristi Ling explains how her book tour became a bit of a distraction from her core business, and outlines all the different opportunities in front of her (including a new book deal!)

3:48 Kristi shares her three big goals that she’d like to grow impact and her desire to increase her reach through each of her core offerings.

6:30 Kristi and I talk about how the program, Spring Clean Your Spirit, works

8:19 I find a cool continuity income opportunity as a part 2 to the Spring Clean Your Spirit program. We talk through how it could work, how to price it, and what to include so that the growth comes with ease and grace.

10:56 We discuss how to fill her program for maximum impact and the psychology behind launching a new program, including how to leverage strategic partners for new participants.

13:12 Catch my subtle “expansive thinking” coaching as I quadruple Kristi’s goal for a successful program – and how she could achieve that big goal.

16:06 Kristi reinforces one of her key values for making decisions – keeping things simple so she keeps mental bandwidth for writing her next book. Kristi shares how doing too much last year led to burn out.

18:00 I’m not giving up on the continuity income idea – so I create a different way to create a “phase 2” that could provide ongoing income by leveraging partners teaching content instead of Kristi having to create a new content series.

23:19 I cover the timeline of an ideal launch and the timing of when to bring partners on board and when to start promoting. I also cover some simple ways to increase sales with fast action bonuses.

27:02 Our brainstorming gets Kristi’s wheels turning as she starts thinking outside of the box on how to partner with her publisher on her launch.

30:44 A common mental roadblock for a successful launch, I help Kristi find a way to increase how often she emails her own community during a new product offer. We dig down into her sales data to uncover where her best sales come from so she knows where to focus her resources for lead generation.

38:00 I talk about using Facebook Live and video to boost enrollments in Spring Clean Your Spirit. We explore a few of the toxic issues that her clients are dealing with, which leads to a new Preview Call title that really hits home for her ideal clients.


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Want a strategy session like this for your business? Check out how I can help you expand your impact and income by identifying your Highest Payoff Opportunity and Personal Productivity Formula with a 90 minute Strategy Session. Book your now here.

Mar 6, 2017

As an entrepreneur, eliminate costly mistakes and accelerate growth by using systems. When you create and use a procedure, checklist or documented process, you and your team can accomplish ten times more in a fraction of the time – because you know exactly what to do. In this week’s episode, Melanie shares how a few key systems helps you have more creative freedom and ensure that tasks are done on-time.


Key Takeaways

2:30 How something as simple as following the recipe for making spaghetti sauce explains why business systems are so valuable.

5:34 Listen to today’s episode thinking – where could a system free me up?

6:06 A sign you need a system: there’s a breakdown, you aren’t getting the results you want, your team continues to disappoint you with their performance. Make a list of what costs you time or money because it’s not done right?

9:49 A quick overview of some of the systems that can free you up in your business are covered, including how creating a prospect evaluation system helped a client in Australia transform his lead generation system.

13:07 How to use procedures to document what your desired process or outcome is. This is critical when you delegate to others and you need the task to be done a specific way.  A great time to create a document is if you are a show or event producer – create a document with all the details to send out to all of your guest speakers to save time and eliminate breakdowns.

17:43 Use step-by-step instructions or checklists when someone must follow a specific set of steps to complete a task. This is also invaluable when you need anyone on your team to step in and complete tasks seamlessly. For instance, if you create a lot of new products, use a checklist with each element that must be created.

19:29 Templates can save time and money by creating a script, visual or specific layout for documents. For instance, customer service emails could have a template or Facebook ads might need to have a specific layout.

20:09 A form can be used to channel requests where you might have a lot of questions – like asking new prospects a series of questions or using a form with specific details that we need to evaluate in a request for speaking.

21:45 Think of the value of systems as “I do something once, and it pays off over and over again.” Don’t try to create all of your systems at once as it can feel overwhelming. Prioritize 3 at a time and slowly build up.


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