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Dec 1, 2017

Everyone’s got one. A story that is. But are you leveraging it to land that coveted media opportunity? Crafting and telling your story is a key strategy to gain media exposure. In episode 51 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, my friend Tanya Targett joins me to talk about the power of a story, not just to potential publicity, but also to positioning yourself as an influencer and authority in your field.

As a former journalist, Tanya’s job depending on her ability to uncover unique stories and now she helps people find the story from their life’s journey that can help them stand out and be seen.


Key Takeaways

  • Why your story is so important to getting media attention.
  • What happens when your potential clients hear your story (and why your story closes more sales than a cleverly designed sales pitch!)
  • Tanya shares an invaluable technique for crafting your story so its compelling, inspiring and enticing!
  • Learn the important elements you must have in place so your story is media-worthy.
  • Plus, how you can leverage your story to build influence and become a sought after expert.

About the Guest:

Tanya Targett is a journalist, international speaker and creator of the Winning Publicity Formula®.

A multi-published, award-winning daily news journalist and former investigative reporter, Tanya has a proven system that she and her “Media Darling” students have used to secure more than $7.4 million in free publicity over the past two years.

Yes, she’s a media expert and an experienced journalist, but more so Tanya is an entrepreneur who has known adversity, fought it, “lost to it”, and then come back. Swapping the newsroom for retail, Tanya lost her first six-figure business to an inland tsunami which killed 38 people in Queensland, Australia, in 2011.

Having secured national and international media for that business – an online retail store and party plan venture which reached the top 100 of its kind – entrepreneurs were quick to ask Tanya for her secrets, and begged her to teach them how she did it, leading her to build another six-figure business in under 6 months

That training platform – re-branded as the Winning Publicity Formula® – has helped countless business owners become Media Darlings™… monopolising, monetising and leveraging free media and publicity.

Connect with Tanya
twitter: @tanyatargett
instagram: @tanyatargett


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