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Mar 27, 2017

Most humans like to push away difficult feelings, especially when those feelings lead you into emotions that derail your progress towards your goals. Dr. Joan Rosenberg shares how to recognize uncomfortable thoughts and what to do so that they become catalysts for mindset breakthroughs.


Key Takeaways

2:45 Why “feel the fear and do it anyway” or backing away from a challenging thought may not be the best advice when dealing with unpleasant feelings.

3:34 Dr. Joan explains why when someone feels an unpleasant feeling and stays present, this is when the gifts are revealed through insights, anxiety is reduced and confidence is developed.

4:51 I share my own experience around anxiety and how it’s affected my path to great success. Dr. Joan and I talk about how anxiety is a bit of an epidemic, and a huge issue for entrepreneurs.

6:28 Dr. Joan explains the difference between a thought and a feeling, and how it’s important to know the difference when receiving the insights available. She also helps us understand the value of vulnerability.

8:23 Dr. Joan discusses the eight feelings that we should all learn to recognize and uncover the gift inside each of those uncomfortable feelings. Joan also explains why fear is not one of those feelings – and why fear is actually an important feeling to embrace.

13:15 Dr. Joan explains that most people avoid feeling vulnerable, yet it’s essential if you are becoming a leader, you must choose vulnerability – because it becomes our greatest strength as a human being.

16:20 I ask Dr. Joan about the difference between shame and embarrassment, especially for entrepreneurs when taking big risks, making mistakes, or experience a failure. Dr Joan shares a quote by Marianne Williamson, “It’s important to never let the experience own you.”

21:49 Dr. Joan explains what we should do with the awareness we are in an unpleasant feeling, especially when it’s time to incorporate the learnings in order to grow.

23:15 I love what Dr. Joan said that getting “thought hijacked” as a way to avoid feeling unpleasant feelings. She shares set of self-inquiry questions to move out of harsh self-criticism so you can build confidence again.

Quote from Dr. Joan: “Harsh self-criticism is one of the most insidious, elegant ways we hurt ourselves.”

26:24 Big a-ha moment when Dr. Joan shares how human beings default to how we might get hurt instead of how things might work out.

28:01 Melanie asks Dr. Joan to explain why emotional strength is so vital to someone who wants to make a big impact or has a bold vision.


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Amplify Your Success Community

Mar 20, 2017

As business owners and entrepreneurs, discover how to make better decisions that stick – and don’t derail you from your goals – by using your Internal GPS.


Key Takeaways

1:04 The quality of our mindset is dictating the quality of our decisions. When you make decisions from fear or from needing to be safe, you make decisions that keep your business small.

2:04 Why do some people get results and others avoid taking the actions that would lead to success? I believe it’s their internal motivator – which is their mindset.

3:58 External validation is when you need other people’s approval in order to feel good about yourself. When you need it, it can compromise your Internal GPS. I share how my own decision breakdown taught me to strengthen my Internal GPS.

7:53 Part one of the Internal GPS is getting the right facts and data place in order to ground your decisions with alignment.

9:10 I’ll cover the three most important questions to ask yourself to ensure you don’t later resent your decision or get distracted and forget your goals.

12:59 If your opportunity is complex or is a significant financial investment, be sure to use the two clarifying questions to make sure that it’s an idea that you can truly pursue.

16:00 There’s one important piece of clarity you need to make a significant shift in your focus and motivation – and I share a story about a former client who went from $200 k to over 7 figures by dialing in this one important decision making criteria.

18:01 Now to use the more intuitive part of decision making, you’ll want to learn how to use expansion vs contraction in your internal guidance. I give a couple of example of my clients and how they are using it.

22:57 The best way to learn how to use your Internal GPS is to practice it – over and over again – so you build up your quick decision making muscle. Hire a coach to help you or join the Awaken Leadership retreat.


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Awaken Leadership Retreat

Amplify Your Success Community

Mar 13, 2017

Ambitious entrepreneurs often have lots of great opportunities and no shortage of new offerings swirling around in their minds. In today’s On Air Coaching Session, Operation Happiness author Kristi Ling joins me to help her find the most profitable growth option amongst many competing priorities so she can grow her impact with more grace and ease.

Kristi Ling is the author of Operation Happiness, as well as a business and life coach who helps people create more happiness in their life.


Key Takeaways

2:02 Kristi Ling explains how her book tour became a bit of a distraction from her core business, and outlines all the different opportunities in front of her (including a new book deal!)

3:48 Kristi shares her three big goals that she’d like to grow impact and her desire to increase her reach through each of her core offerings.

6:30 Kristi and I talk about how the program, Spring Clean Your Spirit, works

8:19 I find a cool continuity income opportunity as a part 2 to the Spring Clean Your Spirit program. We talk through how it could work, how to price it, and what to include so that the growth comes with ease and grace.

10:56 We discuss how to fill her program for maximum impact and the psychology behind launching a new program, including how to leverage strategic partners for new participants.

13:12 Catch my subtle “expansive thinking” coaching as I quadruple Kristi’s goal for a successful program – and how she could achieve that big goal.

16:06 Kristi reinforces one of her key values for making decisions – keeping things simple so she keeps mental bandwidth for writing her next book. Kristi shares how doing too much last year led to burn out.

18:00 I’m not giving up on the continuity income idea – so I create a different way to create a “phase 2” that could provide ongoing income by leveraging partners teaching content instead of Kristi having to create a new content series.

23:19 I cover the timeline of an ideal launch and the timing of when to bring partners on board and when to start promoting. I also cover some simple ways to increase sales with fast action bonuses.

27:02 Our brainstorming gets Kristi’s wheels turning as she starts thinking outside of the box on how to partner with her publisher on her launch.

30:44 A common mental roadblock for a successful launch, I help Kristi find a way to increase how often she emails her own community during a new product offer. We dig down into her sales data to uncover where her best sales come from so she knows where to focus her resources for lead generation.

38:00 I talk about using Facebook Live and video to boost enrollments in Spring Clean Your Spirit. We explore a few of the toxic issues that her clients are dealing with, which leads to a new Preview Call title that really hits home for her ideal clients.


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The Book, Operation Happiness

Spring Clean Your Spirit

Melanie’s Profit Explosion Toolkit

Your Year of Miracles


Want a strategy session like this for your business? Check out how I can help you expand your impact and income by identifying your Highest Payoff Opportunity and Personal Productivity Formula with a 90 minute Strategy Session. Book your now here.

Mar 6, 2017

As an entrepreneur, eliminate costly mistakes and accelerate growth by using systems. When you create and use a procedure, checklist or documented process, you and your team can accomplish ten times more in a fraction of the time – because you know exactly what to do. In this week’s episode, Melanie shares how a few key systems helps you have more creative freedom and ensure that tasks are done on-time.


Key Takeaways

2:30 How something as simple as following the recipe for making spaghetti sauce explains why business systems are so valuable.

5:34 Listen to today’s episode thinking – where could a system free me up?

6:06 A sign you need a system: there’s a breakdown, you aren’t getting the results you want, your team continues to disappoint you with their performance. Make a list of what costs you time or money because it’s not done right?

9:49 A quick overview of some of the systems that can free you up in your business are covered, including how creating a prospect evaluation system helped a client in Australia transform his lead generation system.

13:07 How to use procedures to document what your desired process or outcome is. This is critical when you delegate to others and you need the task to be done a specific way.  A great time to create a document is if you are a show or event producer – create a document with all the details to send out to all of your guest speakers to save time and eliminate breakdowns.

17:43 Use step-by-step instructions or checklists when someone must follow a specific set of steps to complete a task. This is also invaluable when you need anyone on your team to step in and complete tasks seamlessly. For instance, if you create a lot of new products, use a checklist with each element that must be created.

19:29 Templates can save time and money by creating a script, visual or specific layout for documents. For instance, customer service emails could have a template or Facebook ads might need to have a specific layout.

20:09 A form can be used to channel requests where you might have a lot of questions – like asking new prospects a series of questions or using a form with specific details that we need to evaluate in a request for speaking.

21:45 Think of the value of systems as “I do something once, and it pays off over and over again.” Don’t try to create all of your systems at once as it can feel overwhelming. Prioritize 3 at a time and slowly build up.


Mentioned In this Episode:

Women Speakers Association

Amplify Your Success Community

Melanie’s Blog

Feb 27, 2017

Most entrepreneurs try to grow their income and achieve bigger goals with the same mindset that they started their small business with in the first place. But that mindset will just keeps them stuck at the level of success they have right now. With a CEO Mindset, an entrepreneur can level up their decision making and focus so that they spend more time leading their team to achieve great success.

Listen in as I share how a few simple thoughts can be sabotaging your growth -- and how you can elevate your mindset to achieve bigger success.

Key Takeaways

1:00 Think about what your biggest goal is? Is it to grow your income into six, seven or even eight figures? Get clear on your goal so you know what mindset you really need.

3:21 A sign you are using the wrong thinking to grow your business is you never seem to have time to work on your “bigger goal” projects.

4:23 Multiple Train Syndrome: When you have multiple projects you are trying to move forward, but since it’s just you, you have to get off one train to drive another. Projects move forward REALLY slow!

5:50 Write down the answer: What would the leader of a six [or seven or eight] figure business do differently? Train your mind to think through this question.

7:37 Employee thinking keeps you playing a small game in your business. When you think more like a CEO, you play a bigger game.

10:17 The first of five CEO Mindset Shifts is to Have a Clear Vision of where you want to be in your business. Whether its 6 months or 6 years, have a clear vision.

13:20 The second CEO Mindset Shift is Time Mastery. As a CEO & leader, time is often what you have the least of but having a mental mastery to prioritize is critical to sustain higher levels of success.

15:30 Knowing your Personal Productivity Formula will help you make better decisions for what you say yes to.

19:30 The third CEO Mindset Shift is Delegating Profitably. Whether you are afraid to let go or you don’t know how to pay for the team you need, if you aren’t delegating enough, this can become a huge bottleneck. Melanie covers 3 ways you hold back from delegating properly that end up costing you time and lost opportunity.

24:24 The fourth CEO Mindset Shift is Making Better Decisions. Your decisions are your success fuel since every decision drives your actions, strategies and growth efforts.

26:18 Decisions and your comfort zone go “hand in hand.” When you stretch into CEO Thinking, you’ll make better decisions that are in alignment with your definition of success.

27:34 The fifth CEO Mindset Shift is recognizing you need to Invest to Grow. A mistake many entrepreneurs make is using the “top line revenue” to make investment decisions instead of knowing the real numbers. Don’t get stuck on what things cost. Look at how the investments in your future success can pay off.


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FREE: Unleash Your Millions Mindset Masterclass

Feb 20, 2017

This week’s episode of Amplify Your Success Podcast is a coaching session with Lori Leyden, founder of The Grace Process and a key transformational healer working with Rwanda Genocide survivors. Lori has been immersed in healing work in Rwanda and with the Sandy Hook families and is now ready to elevate her impact with other leaders. Melanie guides Lori through identifying a fast path to cash as well as a longer term lead-generation technique where Lori can leverage her many strategic partners and fans


Key Takeaways

6:28 Lori shares how influencing the influencers is how she helps leaders to do the inner work to be able to sustain the energy for big transformation work.

8:46 Lori reveals how she discovered an online business is much harder than she imagined, and she wants a new direction to expand her income and impact.

12:22 Melanie helps Lori design a $2k package that will help her generate fast cash in her coaching business. An important shift in thinking is surfaced – the clients that can’t pay your new prices may not be your best clients.

16:14 Melanie discusses how a sale on an entry level offer can help drive new leads – as well as help prospects take advantage of current prices before the price goes up.

20:45 Melanie digs into how to leverage the right podcast interviews to gain exposure and clients.

23:45 Lori asks, “What should someone do if they don’t have a big enough list to partner with other big players?” It’s a common obstacle for many heart-based business owners and Melanie shares a couple of solutions

28:41 Melanie shares a simple technique to create win-win strategic partnerships that help open doors to new prospects and clients. 

32:24 An important step in finding your best strategic partners is to create a list of traits, characteristics and values of your ideal partner. Melanie shows Lori how to prepare an “ideal partner profile” to identify and approach strategic partners.


Mentioned In this Episode:  

Lori Leyden’s The Grace Process

Feb 13, 2017

Inside this week’s episode, Melanie delves into five of her favorite time-saving, automation tools that boost her productivity and helps her team be more efficient. Plus, she shares a few bonus tools and compares a few popular technologies and why she isn’t using the cool kid’s choice for task management software.


Key Takeaways

2:25 Melanie starts with her most favorite time-saving, productivity boosting tool that helps her manage her team and stay focused on time sensitive project deadlines.

4:39 A good task management system helps an entrepreneur eliminate foggy thinking or feeling lost with what to do next. Melanie gives some examples of how this kind of online software works with routine tasks as well as tracking project deliverables.

7:29 A sanity-saver for Melanie – having a task management system that emails reminders to the team and business owner so that you know if something is falling behind.

9:23 Melanie’s 2nd favorite tool is a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) system that allows us to integrate automatic follow up with email management and online sales.

13:21 This tool offers a lot of integrated online forms, surveys and segmenting options for advanced marketing analytics and documentation.

15:36 One of the simplest tools to increase productivity (and its FREE) is Google Calendar. We use it with an online scheduler to allow our clients, partners and other parties to schedule easily.

18:00 This tool can actually save you money by freeing up your assistant’s time from chasing down appointments and having automated appointment reminders.

19:38 There’s now a cool plugin that links our CRM with our online scheduler Acuity to automate our follow up steps after an appointment is confirmed.

21:24 Another productivity tool, especially if you collaborate, is Google Drive (and its free!)

25:30 A newer tool that Melanie and her team are transitioning to is Zoom for live video teleconferencing (and she uses it to record for guest podcast sessions too!)

30:58 This tool is not normally a productivity too, but this one is a time (and cost) saver for anyone who creates a lot of online websites and landing pages.

33:06 A favorite app that saves a ton of time – and has helped boosted Melanie’s creativity is Canva for Work. Most people know the online tool but the iPhone app is amazing!


Mentioned In this Episode:

TeamWork Task Manager Software

InfusionSoft Demo

Google Calendar

Acuity Online Appointment Scheduler (Free 30 Day Trial Available)

Google Drive


Zoom Video

Facebook Live

Optimize Press


Canva Graphics (Free 30 Day Trial Available)

Feb 6, 2017

As a leader or visionary entrepreneur, chances are you’ll go through a dark knight of the soul. Today’s guest expert, Rhonda Britten, author of Fearless Living, shares how a dark night is like a rite of passage and how to harness the gems inside of a challenging time.

Founder of the Fearless Living Institute, Rhonda Britten is an Emmy-Award winner and repeat Oprah guest. Rhonda was the first Life Coach on reality television in the world on the first-show of its kind, Life Doctor (Second Season the series name was changed to Help Me Rhonda). Next, Rhonda changed lives on the hit NBC reality show Starting Over and named its “most valuable player” by The New York Times and heralded as “America’s Favorite Life Coach” by TV Guide.


Key Takeaways

4:52 Rhonda gives a definition of what a dark night of the soul is, including what triggered her dark night that lasted several years.


7:00 Melanie talks about how important it is to have these kind of authentic conversations and how her dark night shattered everything that her defined her version of success.

8:50 How not taking care of yourself can propel you into a dark night, as well as trigger chronic illnesses.

11:22 Rhonda offers insight into how to handle really dark thoughts, such as surrounding yourself with friends, to help you emotionally recover.

13:55 Melanie shares how your mind is not going to solve the dark night and what to do when you are stressed out about how to keep your business going during this phase.

16:56 It’s important to remember that a dark night purpose is to go to a deeper, truer part of yourself and to learn to use skills that you haven’t yet developed.

20:49 Fear can control us by needing to know how to move through a dark night (or any challenge.) The way to experience true freedom is to let go of the addiction of needing to know.

26:24 One way to move through a dark night is to be willing to honor your truth, even if it’s not matching what the popular advice is.

30:01 A paradigm shift is that experiencing a dark night is a compliment, and a sign that you are ready to go much deeper in order to serve on a greater level.

35:45 During a dark night you may have to make your goals smaller and easier. Don’t let competition drive you in this phase. Your number one job during a dark night is to take care of yourself and heal

39:00 Melanie talks about how eating habits and certain foods can trigger worse symptoms. It’s important to know if you have food sensitivities that are trigger emotional swings or chronic illnesses.

43:00 If you are willing to let go of what you have now, you can make space for something more fulfilling, more aligned and a greater expression of your true talent.


Mentioned In this Episode:

Rhonda Britten’s Resource

Jan 30, 2017

Discover how to identify your unconscious financial ceiling and raise it so you can stop sabotaging your success and start experiencing more prosperity in life and in your small business.


Key Takeaways

2:00  Your financial ceiling is a lot like a limiter in a car, it’s the level of success you believe you can’t get past.

3:04 Melanie reflects on a common sign among her clients of a financial limiter kicking in is that the person sabotage sales opportunities by not following up on leads. She then covers other signs you have a saboteurs kicking in.

4:08 Gay Hendricks calls this an Upper Limit Setting in the book, The Big Leap, which is like your comfort zone around money and success.

5:45 Melanie reveals how her own upper limit problem kicked in and how what she learned about resistance helped her break through it.

10:02 Often times the unconscious financial limiter kicks in after a big win; and is preceded by breakdowns, such as a big fight with a business partner or losing clients.

12:18 Melanie discusses the neuroscience behind financial self-sabotage and hitting an upper limit around money.

14:30 Melanie shares a few resources that help you learn how to recode your money mindset and remove your financial limiters.

15:30 Melanie shares a simple exercise to identify where your financial ceiling is set at.

20:35 The steps to shifting your mindset starts with awareness. If you aren’t, you’ll solve all the wrong problems.

23:50 Melanie provides a simple exercise to start recoding your neural pathways to achieve your big money goals.


Mentioned In this Episode:

Rewired for Wealth Free Ebook

The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level by Gay Hendricks

Amplify Your Success Podcast Episode 5

Jan 23, 2017

Collaboration is a powerful way to accelerate results – as well as access innovative trends and solutions in the marketplace. In this episode, Melanie explores how collaboration can be used in a small business as well as some of the common pitfalls of this type of team effort that you can avoid by being aware.


Key Takeaways

1:04 Melanie shares what collaboration is and how it works inside a small business, non-profit or association to accelerate results.

3:40 Melanie explores how collaboration can elevate community and speed up results for non-profits and associations.

4:50 Melanie believes that Collaboration is better than competition. For instance, “two heads are better than one – and seven minds can propel you even faster." More effective problem solving happens as well as higher level innovation through collaborative mind sharing.

6:00 A collaborative team often uses the power of friction, but if you don’t understand how this messy energy pays off, you may implode the team efforts.

9:02 One of the challenges that can surface with a collaborative workforce is the “stray cat syndrome” when a leader is frustrated trying to herd independent professionals.

15:05 A collaborative skill sharing environment can elevate your ability to serve your client.  Example is shared, Contemporary VA.

16:52 If you are a non-profit, association or are community-centric in your business, watch what Women Speakers Association is doing to grow quickly via a collaborative team.

20:53 A pivot point for an entrepreneur can be entering into a collaborative partnership as it can open doors to new markets as well as overcome weak areas. An example of a powerful collaborative partnership, Leaders to Luminaries, is explored.

23:00 In order to harness the power of collaboration, Melanie covers a few do’s and don’ts so you can avoid common pitfalls. Be sure to catch the tip on how to re-ignite the passion for a collaborative team member who is not following through on their role assignments.


Mentioned In this Episode:

Contemporary Virtual Assistant 

Women Speaker’s Association 

Leaders to Luminaries

Jan 16, 2017

Melanie breaks through an insidious habit that causes many people who make big money struggle to make ends meet: spending it all at once! In this episode, you will hear a coaching session between Melanie and Joanna Vargas, with techniques to save but still allot money to spend, as well as changing your mindset about what it means to save, and take ownership of the financial aspect.


Key Takeaways:

[1:15] Melanie gives some background on Joanna’s business, situation, and celebration, before she dives into the coaching session.

[4:20] Joanna is struggling with ravenous spending when she gets a surge of income. How do we allow ourselves to spend, without being self-conscious about it?

[5:56] Melanie talks through some reasons for overspending: is it trying to create an experience to fit in or be seen in a certain way, or a starvation, where we feel relief when we get some money, and feel like we need to “catch up?” In some instances, it may be a matter of buying your way into importance, or spending your money to get back to a sense of normalcy.

[7:50] Commit to creating your own personal financial reserves. This can create a mindset of comfort, because you always have money.

[8:33] “The Bucket Philosophy”: When people feel starved for money, and put themselves in a state of restriction, when they do get money, it leaves so quickly, because of their being frugal for so long. The Bucket Philosophy is a saving strategy that allots the money for different funds.

[9:21] Five buckets: life needs, discretionary spending, short-term savings, long-term savings, and “the play fund.”

[11:23] This allows you to ensure that you are saving the money you need, but also allowing yourself to set aside some money that you can feel good about spending.

[15:00] Is there a stigma around people who save money? Joanna opens up about her struggle with what saving money means.

[18:21] There may be a feeling of losing the ability to feel valued and important, and feel in control. One of the ways to be in control is to take ownership of the financial.

[19:11] Melanie talks Joanna through an exercise to help reconcile two ideas that seem like they can’t coexist. In this case, it is creating sustainable wealth, and living a fun life.

[22:38] Take a moment to sit down and think about some of these techniques and exercises, to see if you can have the same breakthrough!


Mentioned in This Episode:

Profit First

Melanie’s book: Rewired for Wealth

Amplify Your Success Community

Melanie’s Blog

Jan 9, 2017

Melanie talks about four essential shifts you can make to achieve more impact and more success effortlessly. A couple of quick shifts in who you’re being can actually power up your doing.


Key Takeaways:

[1:16] What do you do when you’re trying to break that next level of success, and it’s not working, despite feeling like you’re doing all the right things?

[1:55] “Be. Do. Have.” Concept: Doing isn’t the focus, it’s being.

[3:20] When Melanie began to break down her own barriers, she started to study what was working for other people, emulating specific aspects of successful people. The shifts occurred in four pillars: mindset, action and behavior, environment, and wisdom.

[4:39] Bold, courageous mindset: You have to be willing to do you, authentically. Don’t sacrifice the best parts of you to be successful.

[6:13] Are the offerings and the approach you’re taking aligned with your values, what’s important to you, and using your strengths?

[6:58] Balance the long-term vision with short-term action. It can be easy to lose focus on where you ultimately want to be, but it is important to evaluate where you are putting your time and attention. This can be very important for your money mindset, especially how you sell and enroll.

[11:25] Really understand the line between something that is costing you money but not bringing in return, and an investment that helps you expand your success.

[12:12] Successful people don’t let the “how” get in the way of action. Commit to the outcome, and then you figure out how you’re going to achieve it.

[13:30] Productivity and action: Are you taking actions that are producing results? Develop a timely (weekly, monthly) consistency to your highest-impact activities.

[15:05] Optimization: recognizing what you have, before you create more.

[16:52] Time boundaries are something that really sets success apart. Create time boundaries so you have clarity about what you should be saying yes to, and what you shouldn’t be saying yes to.

[18:07] Learn how to leverage other people’s talents to free up your time for what will propel you forward.

[21:11] Environment: Melanie defines environment as being made up of the people and the situations and communities that you’re spending time in. Evaluate where you get inspired. Your environment has a huge unconscious influence over your motivation and what you believe is possible.

[22:42] Melanie is a huge proponent of coaches and masterminds. If you’re not feeling inspired in your environment, you may look to surround yourself with some other people who will push you in a healthy way.

[24:36] There are some people who are lifestyle-based, and some people who are work- and achievement-based. Find the person that inspires you to be the best version of you.

[26:16] Wisdom: This pillar is vital. Melanie suggests a three-fold approach: 1) a commitment to evolving and growing, 2) understand the power of leadership, and 3) be clear about what should get your yes.

[29:13] As you move into the new year, really evaluate if you’re being the level of entrepreneur, creative, or thought leader that can propel, rather than wasting time on things that do not produce results.


Mentioned in This Episode:

Amplify Your Success Community

Melanie’s Blog

Jan 2, 2017

Jim Palmer, a very successful marketing and business-building expert, joins Melanie to talk about how to avoid the biggest profit mistakes in business. Jim shares some personal experiences, and advice on how to invest in your customers, to grow your business and increase your profit.


Key Takeaways:

[2:33] Brief introduction to Jim, and a bit of how his dream and business has culminated in his next step ― living on a boat!

[4:18] How important was the decision point that made your dream a reality? Jim talks about the technicalities of how they transitioned from their current lives, to their new adventure.

[6:57] One of the biggest mistakes an entrepreneur or small business owner can make is focusing on new sales, at the expense of keeping their current clients engaged. There is great opportunity for profit, when you find a balance between getting new clients, and keeping your current clients happy.

[9:07] Jim talks about some of the benefits of focusing on your current customers, and how to reach out and inform customers of all the different ways you can help them. It is worth exploring the value within your current client base, by creating and maintaining strong relationships with them.

[14:14] It’s ten times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a customer. If you make your customers feel valuable, they will also likely be more inclined to share your information with others.

[15:42] How can you continue to engage customers you already have, and deepen the repeat business? Jim shares several ideas about how you can interact with your customers to see how you can expand your services, and better serve your clients.

[21:05] Small business owners focus on selling more to grow; entrepreneurs are thinking of what different ways they can create and bring in money.

[22:00] It is important to know your customer base, and where the majority of your revenue is coming from. Invest in them the same way they invest in you!

[27:24] What can a simple mindset shift do to help make a huge difference in your profit?

[28:28] What is next in Jim’s dream business, and how might his ideas, books, and events benefit the growth of your business?


Mentioned in This Episode:

Dream Business Academy

Jim Palmer’s Website

Newsletter Guru TV

Stick Like Glue Radio

No Hassle Newsletter

Decide: The Ultimate Success Trigger, by Jim Palmer

Link to Melanie’s Resources: Get out of Overwhelm, Build Your Dream Team, Lifestyle Business Courses

Melanie’s Blog

Dec 26, 2016

Melanie shares some steps that she uses to stay sane in amidst a flurry of opportunity. Through these steps, she emphasizes defining your values, prioritizing, and establishing boundaries to get the most out of your time and your work. By refocusing your definition of success, and aligning your values and priorities, you can make sure you’re investing your time to create sustainable success.


Key Takeaways:

[1:09] There is usually a point in one’s aspiring career, where the hard work begins to pay off, and the opportunity starts pouring in. How do you choose between great opportunities and what could become distractions?

[3:35] Too much of a great thing can be a little overwhelming! It’s important that when opportunity starts rolling in, you are investing in the things that are valuable to your business, your clients, and yourself.

[5:22] What does success really mean to you? At what point are we satisfied with our success?

[6:37] Melanie shares some of the triggers she sees in her colleagues and clients, and her own journey, of when it might be time to reevaluate some aspects of priority management.

[7:25] Start here: reevaluate your definition of success, and at what point you feel satisfied with your success. Whatever your definition, there should be a balance between what you do to achieve success, and recognizing that you need to take care of yourself while doing so.

[10:33] How can you integrate your drive and passion with very practical steps, to let your priorities dictate your success? Be intentional about the things you agree to do.

[12:20] Step one: know your core values. What do you value about success?

[13:01] Step two: what are the burning priorities? Work to integrate your values and priorities.

[14:18] Step three: learn to say no with grace. You have to know when to say no to things that aren’t aligned with your priorities.

[16:25] Step four: build up your boundaries. Keep the negativity and distractions away, so you can stay focused.

[17:28] Step five: create a high-payoff-opportunity filter. Create a boundary system that will help you say yes to the right things!


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Dec 19, 2016

In this episode of Amplify Your Success, Melanie focuses on three of her rapid cash techniques that she’s developed to increase cash flow in a expedited amount of time, especially for unexpected losses. With these strategies, you can create a plan to amplify your income in the coming year.


Key Takeaways:

[1:50] What happens when a business plan falls through, or we forget to plan for consistent cash flow?

[3:05] Melanie tackles the three main rapid cash techniques. Tip Number 1: Host a buzz-worthy sale.

[3:52] This technique is one of the fastest ways to get some cash flow coming through, and can be easily tied into a holiday or other event, for better marketing.

[5:07] Make your sale worthwhile! Offer a significant cut, but don’t offer it for too long.

[7:17] Tip Number 2: Point-of-Sale Upsales.

[8:15] This is especially helpful for online businesses. Offer a unique discount at the point of sale for a complementary product.

[10:42] This appeals to people who are already interested, and keeps their attention as they are making a purchase.

[11:55] Tip Number 3: Front-load payment discounts.

[12:40] Provides a big boost of cash up front that you can set aside and use some to invest in your growth.

[13:17] This tip relies on giving discounts for paying in full at time of purchase. Make sure that the discount is big enough that it’s worthwhile for a customer to invest their money.

[15:40] Get creative about ways to amplify your income, without doing more work!


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Dec 9, 2016

This episode serves as an introduction to the Amplify Your Success podcast series. Our host, Melanie Benson, shares her experience and strategies, as well as interviews and stories, on how to create a successful, independent business, all while maintaining a passionate livelihood. In this episode, she shares a little bit of her background, as well as Seven Success Amplifiers that she’ll be teaching throughout the series.


Key Takeaways:

[2:30] Melanie introduces herself and shares her own journey, from the corporate world to a more independent, passionately-driven career. How do we combine our creative vision with logic and structure?

[5:03] Tip #1: What got you where you are right now won’t get you to your next level of success.

[6:01] Melanie shares the Seven Success Amplifiers that can be applied at any level of business success, which will provide a basis for the following episodes.

[6:20] Monetize — you can take your passion, ideas, and vision, and translate them into making money.

[7:11] Leverage — applying less effort to get more results.

[7:51] Simplify — don’t make things too complicated for yourself! How can we practice simplification for both ourselves and the customers?

[9:09] Optimize — figure out what works, and do more of it.

[10:10] Energize — this is the fuel of the entrepreneur.

[12:11] Mindset — how can we use our minds to create the outcome that we want?

[13:42] Influence — our ability to inspire action in others.

[15:23] Melanie discusses some of the different subjects that will be discussed in the following episodes of the Amplify Your Success series.

[17:40] Get connected, and let Melanie know what you’d like to hear about!


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